A comprehensive blockchain platform that combines staking, Web3 wallets, and multi-token exchange capabilities.

We're dedicated to revolutionizing the digital asset ecosystem through leveraging tokenization to establish a robust and scalable rewards infrastructure, fostering transparency and creating value for participants of all sizes.

Our vision is to create an accessible and transparent digital asset ecosystem that empowers users with rewarding opportunities, regardless of their experience level or financial background.
Board of Advisors
Paul Mladjenovic
CEO of
about paul

As the ‘Raving Capitalist’, Paul offers a unique perspective that allows the team to leverage on his understanding of the broader economic landscape.

With expertise in passive and active wealth-building strategies, he aligns perfectly with our mission aligns to revolutionize the world of trading, empowering traders.

Ed Ponsi
MD of Barchetta Capital Management
about ed

As a finance veteran in the field of foreign exchange trading, Ed brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the financial industry, making him a trusted expert who provides actionable information to the team.

Since joining, Ed has offered innovative solutions to capitalize on the crypto asset economy.

Mario Singh
Global Finance Leader & Entrepreneur
about mario

With over 15 years of experience in the margin trading industry and a successful entrepreneur, Mario offers valuable guidance to the team with his strategic insights and forward-thinking approach.

His passion for empowering investors and dedication to excellence makes him an invaluable advisor.

Nikita Sachdev
Founder of Luna PR
about nikita

Her passion for the crypto and blockchain space is reflected in her efforts to increase mass adoption through various media channels, leading her to develop a diverse portfolio of media companies.

Drawing from her experience in crypto marketing, Nikita provides valuable guidance as we KryptoPips is showcased.